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Tales From the Waterhole

From his rock at the waterhole, the terrapin looks out and sees all sorts of things. He loves sharing humorous African bush stories with others.

The Climax Collection

Have you ever noticed that most windmills are branded “Climax”? We did. And so the jokes started. The Secret Life of Windmills takes a tongue in cheek guess at what  windmills might get up to when they think we aren’t looking…

Love Armchair Travel?

We’ve got you covered with the Postcards From Abroad Series.

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The Secret Life of Windmills

Yes! The book is a climax.

The Climax Collection: The Secret Life of Windmills
Pieter-Dirk Uys

Troubles with Koos

I am really enjoying the text as well. I personally expected it to be of less importance than the beautiful photos… But even without any photos, I would have LOVED the book.

Mignonne van Heerden

The Secret Life of Windmills

Why didn’t you tell me your book is so hilarious? I sat down and read the whole thing and I was howling with laughter – I’m giving it to all my friends!

The Climax Collection: The Secret Life of Windmills
Padstal owner, Barrydale

El Gecko Publishing Books

Your books are treasures.

Isobel Lemmer

The Climax Collection

This book is what actually got El Gecko Publishing started. We've always had a thing for windmills, and photograph them often. At some point we noticed most windmills are Climaxes, and so the jokes began…  Fast forward to 2014: A cheeky little book called The Climax Collection: The Secret Life Of Windmills was birthed, but was too edgy and alternative to be picked up by a conventional publisher. So we started our own publishing company! 

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2019, off to an exciting start…

2019, off to an exciting start…

2019 is already quarter of the way through, and our feet have yet to touch the ground, as we enter an exciting new era in our lives. WE HAVE MOVED! After many decades in Port Elizabeth, we have finally fulfilled a long held dream of relocating to the Karoo, once Max...

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