About Us

El Gecko Publishing is a company started by two ‘old fogies’ with no publishing experience, but a love for photography, travel and story telling. 

It’s the 70’s. Boy meets Girl. They marry, and travel. Both have a thing for windmills, and photograph them often. At some point they notice most windmills are the “Climax” brand, and the jokes begin… Fast forward to 2014: They put it all together, as a cheeky little book called The Climax Collection: The Secret Life Of Windmills, but soon realise it is too edgy and alternative to be picked up by a conventional publisher. So they sell a kidney or two to print it themselves under the label El Gecko Publishing. Then they travel around in their dodgy 4×4 called Koos, to market and distribute it. The book sells like hotcakes, already into its 3rd impression. The travels give rise to other books too. The journey continues…

Product Line

We have something for everyone in the family. A naughty-ish grown up book, travels books, delightful kids books, posters, limited edition gifts and stationery. Most books are inspired by travel in Southern Africa. But others are from our experiences overseas.

The Climax Collection

Fun books which take a tongue-in-cheek look at what windmills might get up to when they think we aren’t looking. 

Tales From The Waterhole

This delightful series of illustrated childrens’ books features amusing stories of the African bush.

Travels With Koos

A chatty travel journal, taking a slow journey around some of the backroads of South Africa in a capable but unreliable 4×4.

Travels Abroad

Travel with us around some of the fascinating places we’ve visited overseas in the last few years, namely U.A.E., Turkey, Bulgaria and Jordan.

Postcards From Abroad

These four companion books to Travels Abroad feature beautiful black-and-white photos and pared-down narrative, so the pictures speak for themselves.

Limited Edition Gifts

A selection of unique postcards, greeting cards, posters and gift tags, available exclusively at our showroom in Prince Albert. Viewing by appointment.

years of travel



Q. Do we have a physical store?

A. We have a showroom/studio in Prince Albert that is open by appointment only.

Q. What payment methods do we accept?

A. PayFast and PayPal, or EFT. 

Q. What shipping options are available?

A. Locally, we use Paxi, so that your order can be collected from your nearest PEP store. Overseas orders are handled on an individual basis, as courier options vary from place to place, and depend on sizes. Email for a quote if you require overseas shipping. 

Q. How long does it take for books to be delivered?

A. For processing the order and delivery, it takes 7-9 days. 

Q. If I want to stock your books in my store, how does it work?

A. We have fixed retail prices, and offer discounts to stockists. Contact us to discuss details. 

Q. Do we publish other people’s books?

A. No. We are an indie-publisher.

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