Do you also hear the news (struggling to sift what is real from what isn’t) and see social media depicting a world gone mad?

We don’t want to be complete ostriches, with heads in the sand and nether regions exposed in the air, so we try to keep up. But most days, it seems like we have fallen into some sort of alternative reality (one where alternative facts are the order of the day!) So, to maintain our frazzled minds in some sort of sanity, we plan to do a lot of travelling this year, whenever an opportunity presents itself, and to continue writing about the good things we encounter along the way. The planning is also fun, and helps build anticipation for the real thing. Since world politics seem to be dragging us to hell and back, we thought it would be apt to finally visit Die Hel, a.k.a. Gamkaskloof, which has been on our impossibly long bucket list for many years. So that is the plan for the easter weekend.

On the publishing front, Santa’s New Helpers has proved quite a hit, so next on the ‘to-be-printed’ queue will be another title in the Tales from the Waterhole series… watch this space!

In the meantime, More Travels troubles with Koos has been translated into Afrikaans (thanks again to Mignonne van Heerden) and is available as a PDF.

We also printed a VERY limited edition of the 4 Postcards from Abroad books, so if you are interested in quality coffee-table style books with sunning B&W images of Turkey, Bulgaria, UAE and Jordan, now is your chance.

As 2017 already seems to be running away from us, the 2017 calendars are on a crazy special, now selling for R60 each while stocks last …

Hope you all get a chance to do some travelling too; the road beckons and new horizons give us perspective!

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