Fun Fun Fun wasn’t just a song played at the Online Store and Climax Collection 2 Launch!

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Thanks again to Savages for awesome hospitality and memorable food, to Fogarty’s for handling book sales, while Great Gifts handled stationery and gift sales, and our daughter Karen took the photos, leaving us free to enjoy the lovely people who joined us to celebrate this new milestone in the life of El Gecko Publishing!


One visitor was especially delighted to win the lucky draw, and a prize of 10 free e-books!



To a background of music from the song titles in the new Climax Collection book (songs windmills might be singing when they think we aren’t listening) we shared some of the rapid rise, from a simple idea, to the first book, Koos (Max’s eccentric 4x4) joining the family and giving rise to his own series of books, to the new online store and e-books. We also introduced the growing “El Gecko family” in the form of Karen Vollaire, who built the online store, Mignonne van Heerden, who translated Travels troubles with Koos and Max’s new children’s book (Santa’s New Helpers) into Afrikaans, and Theresa Hardman, who is busy with delightful illustrations for that book…. Great news is that, since the launch, Mpumi Buyana has joined ‘the family’, and is translating Santa’s New Helpers into isiXhosa. Watch this space, we go to print in the next week or so!



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