If you are anywhere near PE on Thursday 13th October, we do hope you’ll join us for another fun launch, hosted by Fogarty’s Bookshop and El Gecko Publishing. This one promises a double whammy of fun.

invitation to book launch

We will be launching The Climax Collection 2: the Secret Life of Windmills, which takes a tongue-in-cheek look at some songs windmills might be singing, when they think we aren’t listening. Max and Sue Hoppe will be on hand to sign your copies, while we listen to some of the songs mentioned in the book. In addition, we’ll be launching our much-anticipated online store, which has a lot of new stock such as art cards, art prints, posters, postcards and calendars, as well as 10 new E-books. These will be up on the big screen, so you can see all the goodies in store. The cherry on top will be a lucky number draw, in which the winner will receive a flash-disc containing all 10 e-books (a gift worth over R1000!)

And as if all that isn’t enough, it will take place at, and be catered by, the stunning Savages Fine Foods, where the ambiance and food are enough to make you think you might have died and gone to heaven! Hope to see you there!

Ayesha Cantor

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