Oh my goodness! Loving this merry-go-round of indie-publishing craziness, but wow, someone tell these old fogeys to slow down! In the past 2 months, we have designed and produced so many new products, and it is really exciting to see the awesome positive response! Books and stationery are flying off the shelves.

So, just a roundup of some recent events, highlights, products etc:

The launch for Santa’s New Helpers, hosted by Theresa and Mark Hardman, was such a fun evening, and the books are officially a HIT!

south african kids books

Thanks to Louise Liebenburg of the Herald, for your enthusiastic support of the event, and to Karen Vollaire for being official photographer!

On the afternoon of the launch, we also received a VERY LIMITED EDITION print run of 4 book previously only available as PDFs. The Postcards from Abroad series was born out of Travels Abroad (also on PDF) They are collections of black & white photos, of Bulgaria, Turkey, UEA and Jordan, which resulted from our travels to visit family. Somehow, it just feels better holding a physical book in your hand. So we will load these onto the website shortly, and it will be a case of first-come, first served for now. We hope to do a bigger print run in future, but honestly, there are so many new books in the pipeline that we are scrambling to keep up!

The day after the launch, we left for another cross country road trip to get them settled into some of our favourite stockists across the Karoo. (We might have got a little sidetracked when we did a short detour into the Kgalagadi, but hey, we couldn’t be so close and not pop up there! And anyway, you know what they say about all work and no play!) We will feature highlights and new stockists in another post, soon.

The night we returned, we ran around like crazy people, setting up our home for the annual PE ART MEANDER… we opened the house and Sue’s art studio to the public, and set up all the publishing products on the dining room table. It was a great weekend, with a constant stream of visitors. Thanks to those who came, for the enthusiastic response! Theresa also did an open studio, with prints and originals of the book illustrations amongst her other fab artwork, and sold up a storm!

So that’s it for now, look out for all the new stuff in a shop near you, or in the online store.

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