Santa’s New Helpers


A disastrous Christmas is avoided when Santa’s reindeer come to an exhausted stop in the African bush. The day is saved when a group of unexpected helpers is found.


First in a delightful series of illustrated children’s stories, set in the African bush. “Tales from the Waterhole” are stories told by an old terrapin, who overheard them while sitting at the edge of the waterhole.

How does Santa manage to deliver presents all around the world, with so many children to visit? This time, he discovers he is going to need some help, and it comes in a surprising form…

Sometimes, it’s not the biggest, strongest or prettiest one who saves the day, but the one with the willingness and determination to make a difference.

Featuring a checklist to help identify African animals you might encounter.

The book is also available in Afrikaans and isiXhosa, making it a valuable tool for helping children learn more official languages.

Additional information

Dimensions 21 × 21 cm

Max Hoppe


Theresa Hardman




Soft Cover, Print Edition




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