Postcards From Bulgaria


A visual celebration of this fascinating country, embracing the ancient architecture and its transition into modern world.


Arising from Travels Abroad, is the Postcards from Abroad Series. Travels Abroad is essentially a chatty travel journal, crammed full of colour photos. But there were other lovely black-and-white photos from those trips, which didn’t fit into the format of that book. This gave rise to four companion books, including this one, Postcards From Bulgaria: A visual celebration, in black-and-white, of this land of ancient civilisations and fresh beginnings.

In July 2009, Max and Sue Hoppe went to Bulgaria, and Sue returned there in April 2011.

Bulgaria is one of those places that, when people hear you are going there, invariably prompts them to ask in mystified tones, “Why Bulgaria?” Max and Sue have bucket lists which would take several lifetimes and lottery wins to fulfil, but this former communist block country hadn’t even made it onto the bottom of their lists. They wouldn’t have chosen to go there, if it wasn’t for seeing their kids and grand-daughters, who were living there at the time. It proved to be a pleasant surprise, a charming country full of ancient history and delightful contradictions.

In these “postcards” you’ll:

  • experience something of village life, which feels like stepping back in time.
  • go on a road trip to the Balkans
  • explore Plovdiv, the second largest city in Bulgaria, a fascinating mix of ancient, communist era austerity and modern growth.
  • see street art, old monuments and modern graffiti.
  • visit ancient fortresses and small towns, an ancient seaport and a medieval craft village
  • walk through deciduous forests and along winding riverbanks.
  • meet a variety of delightful village characters, and their animals.

By the time these beautiful black-and-white images have revealed the true Bulgaria, you will be longing to visit.

Enjoy the journey!

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Sue Hoppe






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