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A visual celebration of a nation that has shown unprecedented growth and modernity, but which still values the ancient ways.


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Arising from Travels Abroad, is the Postcards from Abroad Series. Travels Abroad is essentially a chatty travel journal, crammed full of colour photos. But there were other lovely black-and-white photos from those trips, which didn’t fit into the format of that book. This gave rise to four companion books, including this one, Postcards From The U.A.E: A visual celebration, in black-and-white, of this land of rapid growth.


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In December 2013 and 2015, Max and Sue Hoppe visited their son, daughter-in-law and two granddaughters in Dubai, To be honest, it was not a place they fancied visiting, and only a strong desire to see the family prompted them to go there. They perceived it to be a paradise for those who like bling, fake snow and designer shopping, none of which held any appeal for them. They would prefer a tent under a bush, in the back-of-beyond, to a five-star hotel in a busy city. As it turned out, they experienced both! And found some of the best places to visit in the UAE. Luckily, their kids have discovered a completely different side to the Emirates than the one usually seen by tourists, and were delighted to share this with them. These “postcards” show some lesser-known but wonderful aspects of the Emirates, such as:

  • Riding Arabian horses through the dunes at sunrise and sunset
  • Exploring the forbidding Al Hajar Mountains at Ras-al-Khaimah in Fujairah
  • Watching racing camels being trained at sunrise
  • Visiting the art and museum hub of Sharjah
  • Watching a humane and entertaining style of bull fighting in Fujairah
  • Exploring ancient mud-built mosques and forts in the desert
  • Taking a water-taxi over the Creek in Bur Dubai, the old city
  • Seeing how traditional Arabian architecture integrates into modern buildings, and yes, a visit to the Jumeira Palm and Burj Khalifa.
  • A visit to a haunted fishing village at sunset
  • Buying Pakistani bread, made to order in a tandoor oven
  • A road-trip covering 5 of the 7 Emirates in one afternoon

These lovely black-and-white images will fill you with a desire to look beyond the surface, in this fascinating part of the world!

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