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The amusing misadventures of two hungry hyena’s whose attempts to make a meal of a wily mongoose do not go well for them.


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The Hyena’s Tail is the second in a delightful new series of illustrated children’s stories, set in the African bush. Called “Tales from the Waterhole“, they are stories told by an old terrapin, who overheard them while sitting at the edge of the waterhole.

Written by Max Hoppe and illustrated by Jeannine Dickie.

Harry and Henry, the hungry hyenas, discover that just because an animal looks small and helpless, it is not always easy prey! Manny the Mongoose and Gilbert the Ground Squirrel come up with a crafty plan, to make sure Manny doesn’t become their next meal!

Featuring a checklist to help identify African animals you might encounter.

The compact format makes this book easy to post as a gift.

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Max Hoppe


Jeannine Dickie




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