The Climax Collection : The Secret Life Of Windmills


A fun coffee table book with a great selection of windmill photos. The naughty captions will guarantee that you never look at windmills in the same way again.


You’ll look at windmills in a whole new way after you’ve read this book. They seem to have a secret life of their own!

The Climax Collection: The Secret Lives Of Windmills is a unique book, which combines elements of coffee-table photography and colloquial South African humour. It is full of playful innuendo around the fact that most windmills in S.A. are Climaxes. It even offers a gentle armchair tour around some of South Africa’s back roads, because most of the photos have captions, showing where the windmills were found.

It’s a fun book, with quality photos of a well-loved South African icon, and the irreverent, naughty-but-not-nasty captions give it an amusing and unexpected twist. All this makes it the perfect gift for anyone who loves windmills and humour, and is especially ideal for the man who is hard to shop for.

Additional information

Dimensions 21 × 21 cm

Max and Sue Hoppe




Soft Cover, Print Edition




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