Travels/Troubles With Koos


Max and Sue Hoppe love to travel in their somewhat unreliable 4×4, named Koos ( you’ll find out why, in the intro to the book) seeing intriguing things and meeting fascinating people along the way. A great travel book, full of interesting anecdotes and photos, that takes you on a trip around the country on some of the less travelled routes.


This book offers a gentle armchair tour, which generally avoids the main roads. It is sure to appeal to those with a love of travel, exploration, wildlife, and particularly an appreciation of all that makes this part of the world unique and special.

It is part travel-journal, detailing routes, adventures, & escapades (always made unpredictable by Koos’ erratic behaviour) & part coffee-table photography. It is also part travel-guide, with informative maps & info, although it is intended more as a means of sharing their impressions of the places they pass through, on random, haphazard journeys, than as a definitive guide to the places covered.

In Travels Troubles With Koos, you’ll meet the travelers, and we’ll explore some wonderful destinations together:

  • Meet lions and elephants in Addo Elephant National Park
  • Get to know some of the enchanting smaller residents of the park, and see the varied and lovely scenery
  • Travel via Zuurberg Pass to the Mountain Zebra National Park, and camp there over a rainy Easter weekend
  • Return via Somerset East and Port St Francis
  • Go on a crazy girls-only adventure to Lesotho, getting lost on top of Katberg Pass en route!
  • Spend a fun weekend with a bunch of photographers at Addo Palace Bush Lodge
  • Camp in Tankwa Karoo and Namaqualand during a spring cold snap.
  • Meander to Cape Town, discovering all sorts of fascinating spots and people along the way.

Also available in Afrikaans, as Padlangs Probleme Met Koos.

Additional information

Dimensions 21 × 21 cm

Sue Hoppe






Soft Cover, Print Edition


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